the scale isn't moving

...and what to do about it!

Stay motivated by understanding weight loss plateaus, and how to defeat them! 


Feeling Frustrated?

How often has this happened? You get motivated to tackle a weight goal. You start eating better, tracking you calories, exercising...you do good day in and day out. Then you check the scale - only to see no progress, only a little progress - or worst - a gain!?

Don't panic. This training can help.

What are you actually seeing on the scale?

In this course, we help you decipher what you're seeing and understand exactly what to do each time you step on the scale. 

  • When to expect to see a small drop
  • When to expect to see a big drop
  • When to expect to see no change
  • When to drink more water
  • When to get more sleep
  • When to check with your doctor
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“All of these things have definitely gotten me off track in the past! I feel better knowing how often these things are actually showing on the scale. Now I feel more relaxed when I check the scale and don't beat myself up as much.”

Happy Customer

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“I thought it sounded silly at first lol but omg, this course has put my mind AT EASE!!! I'm definitely more motivated to keep this weightloss journey going. THANK YOU!!”

Happy Customer

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“Easy to understand, well presented, and very helpful for trying to lose weight. I keep my checklist by my scale, and it has helped me a lot. Thank you Kerri!”

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No More Wasting Time or Losing Progress

Once you know what to expect - and understand what the scale is truly showing you - you can stop getting frustrated. Keep moving forward, faster, easier and without blaming yourself.

You may be in for big drop right around the corner!

Don't chance missing it!


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This information is laid out in simple modules with text and easy-to-listen to audio files.

In this course you'll learn more about:

The Scale

How and when to correctly weigh yourself for an accurate measurement.

Other Units of Measurement

Start measuring these other areas of progress today! 

Your Natural Weight Loss Patterns

Did you know your body has a natural pattern to when it shows a drop on the scale? (Hint! It's not every day or even every 7 days!)

7 Reasons to Check

Walk through each of the 7 reasons that the scale may not be showing your progress at the moment.

Your Printable Checklist:

Print this out and keep it by the scale to review each and every time you weigh! 


Put these tips to work keeping you motivated TODAY! 

All of the above is available in touch-of-the-button audio-files so you can listen on-the-go!



A word from Kerri, the course creator...

While so many gurus and companies to tell you about how to lose weight - I've found, most people have a good idea of what works best for them. Often, the most important pieces of the puzzle are not relearning how to count calories - but learning how to set your expectations and keep your motivation on track while you're waiting for progress! 

Throughout the years, I continued to see time and time again, how a frustrating result on the scale - throw a person off track on their weight loss journey for days, weeks, or even longer!

After meeting with hundreds of people, it became easier and easier to see patterns emerge. Finally, I realized that there was always one of 7 things causing those unexpected results on the scale. Once I began to get my clients to consider these 7 things each time they stepped on the scale, success began to come faster and easier than ever before! 

Join us, as I share these things - and share what questions you should ask yourself each and every time you step on the scale. Once you've read through all of the lessons, print your very own checklist to keep near your scale to help you consider these things every time you weigh.

Remember, it's usually the simplest things that make the biggest difference. Don't let one of these 7 things get you off track again!