Reach your weight loss goal faster with accountability, guidance, and encouragement.

It's easy to put off working on your own weight loss goals.

Unlike bills, there is no deadline.

Unlike work, there is no boss.

Unlike your family, there is no one else's schedule or needs to create urgency...

Now there is.

Sign up for 1 month of Accountability Coaching & finally stick to the goals you want to set - for YOU.

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Have you ever asked a friend or family member to help hold you accountable to your weight loss goals...?

Usually this doesn't work for long...

And that's ok! After all, you and your family & friends have a multi-faceted relationship.

They also love you! So, they are more likely to let you slip up out of kindness. 

Your coach, is simply your coach. Focused on you, your goals, and that's it. 


on reaching your weight loss goals,
and watch how far you go!

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How Does it Work?
It's Easy Breezy as 1, 2, 3.


After you sign up, download the Free Nudge App on your iOS or Android device and link it to your favorite health & fitness tracker. (This allows your coach to see your progress!)


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Studies show that you make more progress when you focus on building one small habit at a time.

Pick which weight loss success accountability goal you want to focus on for the month.

The Nudge app helps you record your STEPS, ACTIVITY, SLEEP, WEIGHT, FOOD, and more. Either record it manually - or allow it to sync straight from your fitness app for you and your Certified Weight Loss Coach to see and chat about!

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Choose One Accountability Goal to focus on for the month
Weight Loss Success Accountability Goals

How many ounces of water you want to drink each day? Work it up a bit more each day!

How many do you want to get each day...? Your coach can help you build them day over day.


Finally track your foods! Chat with your coach about your calories and choices!


How many minutes of activity/exercise per day? Set a goal and work your way up! 


Check your app regularly to get motivated, ask or answer questions, get tips, and chat directly with your coach to keep you on track!

Let's get you to your goal!

Get Started Now

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All the motivation and accountability you need, with a personalized touch, right in the palm of your hand.


Chat with your coach straight from your phone in a simple, straight-forward app. Get notifications whenever your coach checks in or cheers you on!


Simply link it to your favorite Tracking Tool (FitBit, Google Fit, Garmin, iHealth, MapMyFitness & more!) Your coach can see your progress and chat with you about it!


Your coach can see your steps, calories, etc. - whatever you want to share. There's no room for slacking when it's there for your coach to see!


No contracts. No hidden fees. Payment can be made at 1x or in 4 simple weekly installments. Love the program and want to do it longer than 4 weeks? Sign up as often as you'd like!

BONUS! Sweet Rewards

Best yet! We know motivation works best with an incentivizing 'spoonful of sugar'! 

At the end of your program - we'll send you an exclusive Discount Coupon for a percentage off your next Motivation Depot product, course or coaching package!

The more weeks you meet your goal
- the bigger your coupon!

  • Save up to 20% off all courses if you meet your goal all 4 week! (Value up to $29-$119!)
  • Shop our collection of motivational t-shirts, mugs, tote bags & posters for yourself, or as gifts for friends!
  • Or - put your coupon toward your next course or coaching program! 

Check out the sweet discounts you'll earn below:

5% OFF

For Meeting Your Goal 1 Week
(Value up to $29.85!)

10% OFF

For Meeting Your Goal 2 Weeks
(Value up to $59.70!)

15% OFF

For Meeting Your Goal 3 Weeks
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20% OFF

For Meeting Your Goal All 4 Weeks
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The F.A.Q.'s
Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

When will my coach chat with me?

Your coach will send you regular messages and check responses every few hours Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST. However, you can feel free to send messages ANYTIME and she will get back to you ASAP. 

What if I don't have a fitness tracker?

No problem!

You can also log your information right into the app manually. 

Can I use Accountability Coaching for more than 1 month?

Certainly! If you love the program, feel free to sign up again! (You can even use the coupon you earned the first month when you sign up the next! 😉 🙌)

What will my coach send me?

You will receive questions straight through your app to help your coach get to know you, your schedule, and to understand what kind of support will be most helpful. You will also receive helpful tips and information specific to your goal! Use the chat feature in the app to privately message your coach anytime.

Who is my coach?

Kerri Gaither has been a Certified Weight Loss Coach since 2009. She has helped hundreds of people stay motivated and on track to reach their goals. Learn more about Kerri here

How soon will my coach see my stats?

It may take up to 24 hours for your data to sync but you can chat instantly when Kerri is available.