Self Esteem vs. Self Confidence | Growing both with your Weight Loss Skills

Self-esteem refers to how you feel about your overall self, how positive or negative you are about your personality, your body, your overall skills, and lack-thereof. It’s about how much self-love you have.

Are you down on yourself because you are always making the same mistakes, or giving up too soon? What big-picture things about yourself do you dislike and want to improve? Those are things that are tied in with your overall personality and self-esteem.

Your level of self-confidence can ofte…

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Nothing Works as Planned...🙃

Name the last thing that went perfectly, exactly, precisely as planned.....

I'll wait.... 😉

So...why do we wait around for the moment that we can implement our perfect weight loss plan??

We gained the weight in small little increments, and we can lose it the same way. Just start - NOW!

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Controlling the Emotional Drama of Weight Loss

Things your Weight Affects:

Feelings of Success Embarrassment Frustration Hypocritical Not showcasing your best self Your outside doesn’t reflect your inside Your Confidence Your Comfort in your own skin Something on your To Do List


How you dress How you act How you feel How you operate at work How you interact with family & friends

It's time to Understand, Accept and Learn to Control The Emotional Drama

It's Time to Retrain Your Inner Voice!

Be Your Own Friend Parenting Your…

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Happy isn't the only way to lose weight! 🙃

Just like there is no such thing as PERECT, there is no such thing as always being in a happy, upbeat, motivated state of mind!

Rather than waiting around for that 'perfect' mentality to return - use ALL your emotions!

Use your:

Anger Frustration Fear Embarrassment

Use them to fill your sails and push you faster in the direction of your weight loss goals! Redirect and repoint and hone these emotions into tools for your success!

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Weight Loss is the only goal you can accomplish by NOT doing

Weight loss is a unique goal - it is one of the only things that you can actually accomplish by NOT doing something (randomly snacking, etc!) 

Also, what will you GAIN!? 

Listen in to this episode to find out! 😉

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The best thing about Motivation: You don't need it!

What is one of the best things about motivation...? It's OPTIONAL. While it does make your weight loss journey more fun, easier and happier - it's not necessary for losing weight. 

Remember - it's not the motivation itself that's making you lose - it's the activities. You don't need to be pumped up and inspired to do things, (working a job you can't stand is a great example!) you can still make progress when you just do the things! 

Listen in to learn more! 

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Your mind = Your reality | How to Focus your Mind like a Tool

Motivational Quote of the Day: “We become what we think about.” – Earl Nightingale

Keep in mind - your mind! It's not the outside world that creates a good day or a bad day. It's the way your mind interprets and focuses on what is happening in your day!

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Driving Skills | How they relate to Weight Loss

Today we talk about skills. You have plenty of them. And weight loss is a learned skill, just like any other. Remember though, take something you are an expert on, but think back to the first time you tried that. You didn't know what you didn't know, and you picked up new tips and ideas slowly. 

Weight loss is the same, and may continue to change as your life does. But you are just as capable of figuring it as you are of driving, and any other skill you pride yourself on! 

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What Progress Looks Like (*HINT: It's not what you think!)

In this episode we discuss progress and what it TRULY looks like. No matter what the topic of conversation, progress is never a straight line or a simple step-by-step. 

So why do we continue to think weight loss will be like this? Especially when nothing else in our life is. 

Tune in to hear some examples of what progress truly looks like - and remember, progressing in a wavy line - is no reason to throw in the towel! 

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