Routine, Consistency & Travel | How these things affect the scale

As a Weight Loss Coach, I recognize that 10% of my job is to show people how to lose weight...and that 90% of my job is to then encourage them to just continue those things LONG enough and CONSISTENTLY enough and be PATIENT and MOTIVATED until that weight loss shows on the scale. 

That said - I know that one of the biggest things that gets clients off track is when they finally DO the things that lead to weight loss, but then don't see it reflecting on the scale (yet!). 

Something you may not know: 

In this situation, there are 7 different reasons that the scale may not be showing the loss you expect to see. 
As long as you understand and recognize when one of these 7 things is affecting you - you can keep your mindset and motivation in tact and keep moving forward on your goals. 

As always, the course is laid out in quick, easy to listen to recordings. In this course I outline the 7 main reasons the scale shows something you don't expect to see, as well as the reasons, and the things to notice, watch, remember and look out for. 

I'd be willing to bet: 
  • You DO NOT need to go find another diet. 
  • You DO NOT need to go find some other exercise plan. 
  • I'll bet you have all of the tools, knowledge and ability to lose weight starting right this minute...! BUT, you may not even realize it - IF you've tried a few times, and 1 or more of these 7 things affected the scale causing you to stop, get frustrated, give up, or blame yourself as a failure. 
Join me in this episode and get a preview of 1 of the 7.

If you'd like to have all 7 laid out for you step-by-step in a clear and simple way, check out this course now! 

(P.S.! The course also comes with a Printable Checklist you can keep on your phone or print and keep right by your scale!)

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