Getting Out of Complaint Mode & Into Action Mode (Parable Included!)

Ever hear someone say that't it's good to complain? Probably not. But I'll say it. It's good to get it out! Bounce it off a friend or vent to your dog, whatever you need to do!

But then, take the next step. 

Figure out how to get over, around, or through the challenge, the problem, the issue or the frustration. The longer you let it stall your progress the more power that situation has over you. 

Don't let outside forces steal the joy from your life. Also, don't let inner voices reiterating the problems and challenges you are facing - hold you back from making progress on your goals. 

You are capable, you are strong, your goals are worth fighting for.

Because big, important goals take so much time and energy - this is why it's important to reduce any and all other things in our lives that are sucking time and energy. 

So go ahead and complain - get it out! But then craft a creative strategy to move on, shift your energy and your focus to positive things, and to things that will support you own goals. 

Let your goals take priority.

After all, the joke told for the 3rd time is no longer funny! 😉

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