Self Esteem vs. Self Confidence | Growing both with your Weight Loss Skills

Self-esteem refers to how you feel about your overall self, how positive or negative you are about your personality, your body, your overall skills, and lack-thereof. It’s about how much self-love you have.

Are you down on yourself because you are always making the same mistakes, or giving up too soon? What big-picture things about yourself do you dislike and want to improve? Those are things that are tied in with your overall personality and self-esteem.

Your level of self-confidence can often be seen in the way you project your feelings to the world. For example, are you standing proud and tall when you take your turn at something, or do you look nervous and unsure?  These reactions are noticeable clues to your overall self-esteem.

Self confidence on the other hand, is situational.

Do you hate yourself because you haven't mastered pole vaulting yet? Or the trapeze?

Of course not. In fact, I'd bet you've never even tried pole vaulting so how could you be expected to be good at it?

Self-confidence ties more closely into your skillsets and varies from situation to situation.

You may have a healthy self-esteem however you may not be confident in your math abilities, or you may not be very confident when it comes to sports or cooking or some other area you know you aren’t very talented in.

Weight loss is a skill - and one of the toughest ones! But you can learn it and be successful and then contribute to your overall self-esteem!