"Should," "Gotta," "Have to" | How to Change Your Motivation with a Word

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Another version of negative language that demotivates us is always mentally listing the things we 'have' to do and the things we 'should' do.

The day can feel entirely different and you can be in an entirely new headspace when you change the verbiage that you are using.

Instead of, "I have to pick up my kids," change your thoughts to: "I get to pick up my kids."

Instead of: "I have to go to work," instead, "I get to go to my job."

Instead of: "I shouldn't eat that cake," Try: "It's not worth the calories." Or, "I'll save cake like that as a celebration when I reach my goal weight." or, "I'd rather not eat that cake now because I know it will taste great but make me feel tired and sluggish, or make me crave other sweets."

Make the language about how these things are a CHOICE, a PRIVILEGE , or a DECISION that you are in control of, proud of, and choosing to make because you are excited about the outcomes of those choices.

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