The Why Jar

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Story Time!

How can creating a 'why jar' keep you motivated to reach your goals?

Tune in to find out 2 different ways! 

Sneak Preview: 

I once had a friend who was saving up for a car. She got a huge glass jar and had it sitting in her room and each time she'd get her paycheck or tips or spare change, she'd hold it in her hand, stand in front of the jar and think about the things she wanted to buy with that money. Maybe it was a purse, or shoes or snacks, or food...ect. She would then ask herself: "Do I want <that thing> more than a car? Or do I a car more than that thing?"

Do this with your weight loss goals. Set up a mental jar. Know that your actions are contributing to that jar. Each time you go to take actions that will lead you away from that weight loss goal, ask yourself; do I want this more than I want to reach my goal...? What is the answer?

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