Shifting Your Thoughts to Shape Your World - and Your Motivation!

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Today, we remember that: Thoughts create feelings. Not situations.

In other words, the situations themselves are not responsible for your feelings, your thoughts ABOUT the situation creates the feelings. For example, you may be terrified to swim with sharks, while another person is thrilled about the prospect. Everyone's thoughts about a situation are different, and therefore everyone's feelings are as well. 

As you adapt to things, your feelings change.

Remember how you felt the first time you were in a meeting, made a payment, got something new or learned to drive?

Thoughts are different for everyone.

For example, remember - your current weight is someone else's goal weight right now! Things you may take for granted, others dream about. 

When you learn to control your thoughts, you'll learn to control your emotions attached to them, and also any emotional based excuses you are allowing to keep you from being fully motivated!

So today - keep a mental eye on your thoughts and how you react to different situation. 

You are the master of your world - and your Motivation! 

Want to hear the full podcast episode about this concept and learn how it ties to weight loss goals? 

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