5 Tips for for Decluttering your Home and Workspace

How much is clutter, and feelings of disorganization contributing to you feeling demotivated? 

Use these 5 tips to declutter and organize your home and workspace - and - give a big boost to your overall motivation! 

Some tips for decluttering:

1. - Tackle as much as you can at once.

While it may seem smarter to do a bit at a time, that often doesn't have the same impact. Once you shift your mind into the mode of 'review', 'assess' and plan to either let go or keep - try to sort through as much of your home as possible in that moment. As you go room by room you may just gain momentum and as you start to see progress develop, get inspired to do more. Finally, it's much easier to keep an organized space tidy than to constantly shift clutter and tell yourself you'll deal with it later.

2. - Take a picture.

Do you have items that you hang onto simply for sentimental reasons? A lamp, an outfit or a chest may take up valuable space all for the sake of that memory. Instead, take a picture! You'll still have those same memories and those same feelings of nostalgia when you look at the picture of the item, but it will only take up a fraction of the space it used to and will save you the stress of always moving the item, shifting it from place to place or having to decide over and over again what to do with it, how to care for it and so on...

3. - Do you love it?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you've likely heard Marie Kondo's tips on holding an object and asking yourself if it brings you joy. It's a wonderful tip! If the answer is yes - keep it. If the answer is no however, it's likely that the space and stress relief you'll gain from getting rid of the item may bring far more happiness to you - so, to quote a Disney princess: "Let it gooo....let it gooooo!"

4. - When was the last time you used it?

Each item you come to, ask yourself this question. If the answer is months or years, it's likely you can do without it going forward as well. Also, keep in mind, there are very few items that you can't simply buy again if you really need them. It may be worth the risk of repurchasing something in order to have the fresh, clean, decluttered feeling of space and organization that you'll gain by getting rid of that item.

5. - Paper Clutter

The above tip goes for paper items as well. Truly, when was the last time you needed to refer to a bank statement from 3 months ago. If you are comfortable with using a computer and making your bills paperless, this is a great option for reducing clutter, and also reducing wasted paper. Keep in mind that there is no need to keep anything that is saved somewhere digitally, anything that has information that can be looked up again, or anything that can simply be printed again - if needed.  As for the things you do use, create a specific spot for those papers to go and set a specific time that you'll review those papers and determine which need to be discarded, and which need to be filed away for keeping (and note what period of time those will be kept).

If you need some inspiration, go browse some home decor magazines and get those fresh, organized, clean and compelling images thumbtacked in your mind. That fresh, vibrant, and motivated feeling you get when you think about sitting in that room, is what we want your daily surroundings to entice in you every day!

You've got this!

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