Motivation through an Attitude of Gratitude

I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude.
- Brene Brown

Gratitude is more than just listing items you are happy to have. It is an attitude.

Gratitude is the ability to grasp onto that feeling of joy you experience when you are first presented with a new skill, situation, person, or object - and experiencing them again every time you come in contact with those things.

Remember, for example, the first time you ever drove a car...the thrill of pressing the pedals or turning the wheel and feeling the vehicle respond. Remember how excited you are to dress in a new outfit, or wear new shoes. Remember, when you experienced that first rush of emotion when the person who is now your significant other showed they had interest in you. Recall, the wonder you felt the first moment you beheld your child…

New and exciting experiences usually come with a rush of happy emotions.

Unfortunately, as we get used to those people skills, objects, or situations, we lose that initial excited perspective.

Does it mean that we no longer value these things or people as much as we did the day they were new to us? No. Just that we become accustomed to them and don’t strongly consider our feelings about them.

But how would your day be different if this wasn’t the case?

...Imagine if you opened your eyes in the morning and were just excited about the bed you were laying on, the room you are in, and the people you get to spend your day with - as if these things were all brand new.

...Or, something that may be an even more powerful reminder - imagine if you no longer had them?

However powerful your feelings of loss you may feel when you consider no longer having these  people or situations in your life - that is how deep the feelings of gratitude for those loved ones and for your life truly is.

But most often, we simply forget to keep these feelings top of mind.

How much happier may your days feel with that gratitude for all that you love brought to the surface? How much smaller may daily stresses or problems feel with that daily gratitude for what is important, keeping you centered?

This month, remember to consider situations, things, and above all - people around you throughout your day and reflect on how excited, thankful and grateful you are to have them in your life.

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