Using Comparison to Reach Your Goals

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Do you find yourself getting disproportionately jealous, frustrated or angry by someone else's social media feeds or by the picture perfect lifestyles you see represented in media? 

If so, maybe it's time to look inward to understand why you are reflecting so many emotions outward. 

So, while on one hand it's a good idea to say 'don't compare to others'! 

You're human. It's what we do. You're going to do it. But when you do compare, how can do so in a way that is productive and supports reaching your goals? 

So instead, when you compare....first: 

  • Keep in mind that's not the whole story - and that's ok!
  • Keep in mind you probably don't even care to see the whole story, right?! 
  • Try to identify the emotions you are feeling. 
  • Next identify what underlying issue those feelings are TRULY about. 

...Once you have identified the problem,

Yo! Let's solve it! 

Now! Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it. 😉

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