How to Find Your Best Ideas & Motivation (Outside the Shower! 😂 )

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Ever get some of your best ideas when you're in the shower? Why is that? 

Partially because your brain is on autopilot! Once you've developed a pattern of behaviors your mind recognizes it and builds it into your brain as a shortcut - a habit. This way showering takes very little effort, leaving your mind to be able to wander. 

Secondly, because there are fewer distractions! 

No cell phones, no text messages, notifications, tv shows, computers - or even CLOTHES to distract us! Often this is the one and only time during our waking hours that we are without distraction to this level. 

But how can we create an inspiring atmosphere, where we can find our deepest inspirations, best ideas and stoke our motivation outside the shower?

1. Turn off distractions. You may not even realize what your mind is putting mental energy toward until it is gone. Turn notifications off your phone, or better yet, put it away, or turn it off completely. Get away from your computer. If you can, get away from all clocks, electronics and distracting noises like household appliances. Each of these sounds can be a reminder that it's time to 'get a new filter for the ice maker' or 'almost time to move the wash to the dryer'.

2. Have a Specific Goal in Mind. What do you want to accomplish in this set time? Do you want to get more motivated for your day? Inspired to work on an upcoming goal? Get specific! 

3. Write Down Your Thoughts/Plans. When you have to make your thoughts concrete, it forces you to think about them a bit deeper. Journal what you want to accomplish today, tomorrow, this week or this month. Journal about what is currently keeping you from achieving these things and how you can stop that from happening.

If you're having trouble getting started on journaling, be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming Compass Books!

We include 30 Journal Prompts in every Motivational Planner to help you sit down, think through the answers to simple and motivating questions, and define for yourself the problems, the solutions and the next steps!

Tune in now for more thoughts and ideas on this subject!

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