5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

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Motivation can be broadly interpreted, and we can apply different hints and techniques to challenge and motivate ourselves. But sometimes it can be hard to find motivation when you need it. Here are five ways to motivate and improve yourself.

1: Set Big, Lofty Goals That Excite You

As humans, we like to find things to be excited about, and this is a great way to get motivation. Choose goals that interest you and will drive you to complete them. However, don’t go so big that you lose motivation. Setting small goals that excite you and you can attain are sure to give you motivation you need to cross those off your to do list.

2: Break Your Goal Down into Smaller Steps

With big tasks, it can be difficult to find a way to stay motivated to finish. You can’t do everything at once, and you don’t want the task to feel so overwhelming that you can’t get started. The simplest way to get started is to break what you need to do into smaller steps. Spread it out over a few hours or days until the project is completed.
Use this technique by writing the big task down, and then write the smaller steps you need to take to complete below it. Focus on the small task at hand, complete it, cross it off the list, and stay focused until completed.

3: Clean Up and Tidy Your Spaces

If your space is messy and hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you can easily lose your motivation. The environment you work in and live in can enhance your motivation. If your workspace is messy, it may impact your focus and reduce your productivity. A clean and tidy workspace may also provide health benefits as well.

4: Work With Friends and Family

When you need to motivate yourself, it can be a challenge to set your goals alone. Sharing your goals with friends and family can help identify tasks you might miss, and help you order them for success. Once underway, communicating with them on progress can keep you on track for completion. Another benefit is the good feeling you get sharing your success.

5: Remember Your Successes

When you’re not motivated for the next task, it can be difficult to move past that feeling. Remember that all your past successes can help you overcome that feeling and motivate you to move on. Every small win is a success and can motivate you to keep going.

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