5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy

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Is eating healthier a goal for you? If so, here are some tips on how to stay organized and motivated to achieve this goal! 

Write Down Your Progress

The first step is to write down your progress and goals. This will help you stay accountable by documenting your wins! You will also be able to reflect on the challenges you faced and how you overcame these hurdles. Place your goals and notes on progress somewhere that is visible to you. Display your notes on a fridge, wall, desk, or phone background are all great places to display your successes! 

Try New Recipes or Take a Cooking Class

When trying to get healthy, learning new recipes can be half the battle. When we are out of ideas or feeling uninspired, this can lead us to choosing a cheap, quick, fast food meal, which will hinder our success. Try to research new recipes online by finding healthy and easy cookbooks, videos, or magazines. Subscribing to popular recipe sites will help you ensure that you are constantly gaining access to fresh and exciting meals. 

If you are new to at-home cooking altogether, try to sign up for a cooking class! This can be a fun and exciting way to get together with friends and family, or can even be a cute date night activity! 

Reward Yourself For a Job Well Done

Rewarding yourself for your efforts and progress is key. Just make sure that what you reward yourself with does not hinder your success! Instead of rewarding yourself with a cheat meal or special indulgent dessert, try to congratulate yourself with a night out with friends, going to see a movie you have been eyeing, or purchasing a new outfit that makes you feel confident. 

Meal Prep & Plan Ahead 

Meal prepping is another way to get excited about healthy eating and make sticking to your goals easier. You can start by researching fun and portable meals to make ahead of time so that you can use the grab-and-go system before running out the door. This method is great for anyone who works in an office, commutes to school, or travels often. Prepping healthy and delicious dishes ahead of time will help you ensure that you stay on track! 

Focus On Eating in Moderation

Instead of cutting out all of your favorite foods, try to focus on eating meals you enjoy in moderation. For example, if you go out to dinner with friends to a nice Italian restaurant, indulge in a homemade roll! Just make sure you don’t consume the whole basket. Enjoying in moderation will help you make sure that you don’t binge on foods you have restricted yourself from eating. Instead, enjoy small portions of your favorite things! 

We hope this article helps you get on track with your healthy eating goals! Also, if weight loss is a goal, be sure to join us in our Weight Loss Motivation Facebook Group

See you there! 

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