Developing a CAN Do Attitude

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You've likely heard the quote from Henry Ford: 
"If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."
And it is so true. Your mindset, your attitude and your belief of what is or isn't possible is going to set your failures, and also your successes - into motion. 
How often do you hear people tell you about what they, "Can't" do?

How often do you say that yourself?

At the same time, we also hear about amazing feats that people survive. Falling from buildings, being lost in the desert, cutting off their own limbs when they are pinned.

Where's the disconnect? Why is it we are capable of amazing feats when our lives or in peril, in the 'heat of the fire' but in our day-to-day we hold ourselves to lukewarm goals.

The truth is: our bodies are capable of far more than we give them credit for.

At any given moment, your respiratory system, circulatory system and even bowels are performing amazing feats. What are we doing with it?

Don't Argue - Don't Excuse - Just figure out How to Do.

Maybe you do have a particular disease or an injury keeps you from being able to do certain things.

But what CAN you do?

If you can't run - walk.

If you can't walk - what exercises can you perform in a chair? Or in bed?

It may sound cliche but you may not even realize just how often you operate with a 'can't' attitude, instead of looking around to see what IS possible.

This week:

Up the stakes. Ask yourself: "What are 5 ways I CAN do this?"

And get going! :-)
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