How to Create an Empowering Vision Board

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Being able to clearly visualize your goals is one of the first steps in achieving them. Repeated research has shown that visualization techniques can lead to incredible success. Athletes and celebrities, from Tiger Woods to Oprah Winfrey, credit their own mental imagery with helping them to achieve their goals. 

A vision board is a physical reminder of your goals. You hang the board in a noticeable place and see it daily. This allows you to stay inspired and focused on your greatest life wishes and desires. Plus, putting together a vision board is just plain fun! Now, we'll explain where to begin to create your own vision board. 


How do you begin to create your own vision board? 

To craft your own vision board, first and foremost, you must decide on your most important goals. Your vision board can be about one main goal (like getting healthier, for instance) or your vision board can be about several goals (like traveling, learning French, or reducing stress). 


Identify Your Goals and Then Get Crafty

Once you’ve decided on the goals that are a priority in your life right now, begin searching for paper items that could represent your goals. You’re looking for words that match your intention, like confident or fearless. You’re also searching for pictures that speak to you or that remind you of your goals. When you find the right picture, cut it out and put it aside to glue onto your vision board. 

Magazines are a favorite for vision board projects, even in this digital era. Looking for some great selections? Check out beautifully illustrated journals like Flow Magazine, Breathe Magazine, and Bella Grace Magazine. These magazines can be found at your local bookstore, and many are also filled with extras, like stickers, posters, booklets, and prints. 

Elegant stationery, beautiful wrapping paper, and even memorable mail pieces can all be part of your vision board, too. Of course, you can also browse websites like Pinterest to print out quotes and illustrations that you’d like on your vision board. 


Glue Your Images Onto Your Vision Board

Your vision board can really be as big or as small as you prefer. You can also use any material as your backing, but poster board, cardboard, canvas, or cork board is usually the most popular choice. Carefully plan out where you’d like your cut-outs to go on your vision board and then glue them into place with a glue stick or Mod Podge. A coat of Mod Podge is also an excellent finish for your vision board. 

Enhance Your Vision Board with a Little Sparkle

Add more pizazz to your board by sprinkling fine glitter, sequins, or other extras onto your board. You can decorate the photographs with washi tape, paint pens, oil pastels, ribbons, or any number of mixed media materials. As long as the vision board holds your attention and keeps you focused on your goals, that’s all that matters. 

What About a Digital Vision Board?

You might be thinking, can’t I just make a Pinterest board or quickly Photoshop some images, instead? While preparing a virtual vision board like these can certainly be fun, it’s important to remember that it is the physical act of creating that helps your mind focus. Study after study has shown that our minds need the slow and methodical pace of activities like writing and crafting to really concentrate on our goals. Even with all of the world’s technology, using our hands and engaging with our senses is still how our brains form healthy connections for achievement. 

Of course, taking a photo of your vision board and making it your computer or phone background isn’t a bad way to keep your eye on the prize!


Continue Following Your Goals

It’s so easy to keep track of your goals in a calendar or app on your phone, but using vision boards and tangible journals are much more effective, brain-based ways to achieve success.

This is why we include a vision board as one of the printables and steps to planning out your monthly goals in Compass Club!

Learn more about Compass Club

In the meantime, keep spelling out the vision of what you want to happen - and then bring it to life! 

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