I Have Permission to Eat Anything

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I have permission to eat whatever I want.

Not only that...but I have permission to do whatever I want - including NOTHING.

In fact, I even give myself permission to lay on the couch like a slovenly potato all day long and watch binge-watch Netflix till my eyes start to burn.

Now...WILL I do these things? Perhaps. But strangely enough, I don't crave doing all of these things as much - simply because they are not Taboo.

Here is the beauty of giving yourself permission to do something 'bad'...removing the ''can't'" also helps to remove the negative self talk. It quiets the the nagging inner child voice that is always pushing to do what is forbidden.

Next, when you do indulge - purposefully rather than in a frustrated 'I'm doing what I shouldn't and I'm mad at myself way' - saves you from those frustrating self admonishments. It can be a breath of fresh air, that allows you to just quickly and simply get back to the 'good' things.
We are not robots. We cannot operate perfectly day in and day out. Giving ourselves permission to rest, relax and take a day off from the perfect diet, also reduces the stress.

If you were to throw a ball in a basketball hoop 17 times in a row and make a perfect basket each time, wouldn't you start to get a bit more nervous on each throw that you were about to ruin the streak?
Dieting and exercise can start to add pressure the more you work on it, just as anything can.
The more you can fear that you may miss the next shot - the less relaxed you are, and the more you're likely to miss.
The biggest part of the problem is, you can start to put too much credence into a slip-up, worrying that you'll never get 'back on your game' again.

So...every once in a while - throw down the ball on purpose. Remove the anxiety. 

And just keep it fun, keep it simple and keep moving forward in a positive way.

After all, once you eat that Sundae, the first bites are great, but by the end of it, you're satiated and the 'allure' is gone.

Once you've laid on the couch through 3-4 episodes, you may just crave getting outside for a walk in the sun and breeze...
Sometimes, indulging, just ends up not being nearly as fun as we thought it may be. Try it out, remove the temptation and them move on. (As long as you DO move on of course.) ;)


Remember too - the more you can keep choices positive and keep the stress about your habits to a minimum, the more your body produces the weight-loss inducing chemicals like dopamine and endorphin's. While, the more you stress over things that aren't perfect, the more you produce cortisol - the stress hormone which can cause bloat, weight gain and limit how quickly you lose.

All in all - a day that you haven't moved an inch and haven't eaten a single healthy thing - but ALSO haven't lamented and berated yourself with negative self talk and are TRULY mentally and physically prepared to get yourself moving in the right direction the next day.. is a successful day.

No matter what you do - keep the positive mindset and you will get farther faster - and be happier!

To your best Health & Happiness!
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