1 Rule About Developing a Routine Which Must Be Broken

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You'll hear me talk time and time again in this blog about how the way to success is through setting up small daily habits to reach your weight loss goals.

When you develop small daily tasks - this helps you reach your goals practically on autopilot. This way, you can stop stressing about the best use of your time, and where to fit in steps toward meeting your goals. It's 'baked right in'.

At the same time, this doesn't mean that your routine should get old, boring or stale.

Remember that first week that you built a morning walk into your routine? You were invigorated by the warmth of the sun and the smell of the dew. Now, you're passing the same trees and mailboxes for the 49th time and it's hard to feel that rush of pleasure the way you first did.

Keeping your schedule structured is the most important piece of developing your weight goals routine. If you are going to exercise at 8 a.m. - that time stays firm. But WHAT you do to exercise - that's the bit that you can change up, come up with a long list of fun and exciting options to look forward to and keep it new!

This morning for example - instead of taking my normal walk through the woods, I trekked out on new path, over the river, through the woods and around the back of the entire cornfield. It was a trek full of brambles and bushes and spiders and groundhog holes. - And oh how fun it was! I've now started my day having mastered an adventure!

Calories burned, check! Shoes soaked, check! Motivation level high? Super check!
Just keep in mind, that keeping a routine doesn't mean you shouldn't still keep it fun. Keep the time in place for your daily habits, but see how you can tweak them or change them or add to them in small ways, to keep them fun, and keep yourself motivated!

What are some ways you can change up your routine this week? Share with us in the group!

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