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How to Increase Motivation & Happiness with an Attitude of Gratitude

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Various studies have shown that being thankful can lead to a host of positive reactions. It can provide a boost to our psychological, physical and social wellbeing. This is why it's so important to nurture it in order to ensure you maintain that happy, positive, upbeat and motivated state of mind. 

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Using Comparison to Reach Your Goals

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Do you find yourself getting disproportionately jealous, frustrated or angry by someone else's social media feeds or by the picture perfect lifestyles you see represented in media? 

If so, maybe it's time to look inward to understand why you are reflecting so many emotions outward. 

So, while on one hand it's a good idea to say 'don't compare to others'! 

You're human. It's what we do. You're going to do it. But when you do compare, how can do so in a way that is productive and supports reach…

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How to Use 'Snobbiness' to Stay Motivated

Of all of the tools we pass along to help you stay motivated, how exactly can the attitude of 'snobbiness' be utilized to your advantage?

Well, think of the essence of a snobby attitude. While often rude, it is also clear, concise, focused on what it wants and selfish about getting what it wants! 

All of those things can actually be used to your advantage when it comes to getting motivated to reach your goals. 

Tune in and rev up the snobbiest of attitudes and …

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Motivation & Goal Setting Through Gratitude | Are you focused on your coffee or your cup? ☕

Today, ask yourself, are you spending enough time enjoying the rich flavors of your life/coffee? ☕

...Or are you spending too much time comparing your cup to the cups of others? 🤔

Tune in now to learn more.

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Learning Motivation from a 1-Armed Judo Fighter

Story time!

Tune in to learn more about a one-armed Judo fighter.

Next, we'll dive a bit deeper into your perspective. Remember that your flaws and weaknesses only hold you back if you allow them.

Don't! Instead, tell them to take a back seat and let you drive on to greener pastures!

Today, use your creativity to determine how your greatest weaknesses can also be your greatest strengths for reaching your goals! 

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How to Gain Motivation from Your Own Perspective

While you often look outward for new inspiration and motivation, how often do you look inward?

The truth is, you very well may have the key to shifting your own perspective already.

Deep down, you may have exactly what you need in order to fan the flames of your own motivation, simply by digging back in your memory banks a bit! 

Tune in to find out!

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Finding Mindfulness and Groundhog Day Beyond the Grave

Ok, so we understand that mindfulness is important. 

It's all about being in the moment. Enjoying what's in front of you rather than living in the past or the future in your mind. 

But how exactly does the movie Groundhog Day or the concept of living beyond the grade factor in...? 

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Motivation through an Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is more than just listing items you are happy to have. It is an attitude.

Gratitude is the ability to grasp onto that feeling of joy you experience when you are first presented with a new skill, situation, person, or object - and experiencing them again every time you come in contact with those things...tune in to learn more!

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Effort + Skillset = Confidence

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"A surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence." - Sonia Sotomayer
Don't worry, if you're not confident that doesn't mean you aren't destined for greatness.

Best yet, confidence is something that can be curated with consistency and effort.

Tune in to learn how!

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