Dirty $$ / Building on Your Foundational Feelings

Today, we talk about something a bit more deep down, under the surface. Your feelings, your inner thoughts, and your self-esteem. 


Because those things are the foundation. Your feelings are what create your thoughts, your thoughts are what create your actions, and your actions - of course are what shape your environment, your life, and your body. 

Tune in now - and keep in mind. You are valuable, you are worthy, you are worth prioritizing! 

No matter how crumpled, rumpled, or dirty.…

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Chicken 🐔 Priorities & Persistence (Story Included!)

Today we talk about your choices and priorities...oh yes, and a chicken...recipe. 🤣 

Is your weight loss goal currently a dream? Or is it currently a priority? What's the difference? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Enjoy this little bite-sized bit of motivation, along with a story! 🐔 😋

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Getting Out of Complaint Mode & Into Action Mode (Parable Included!)

Ever hear someone say that't it's good to complain? Probably not. But I'll say it. It's good to get it out! Bounce it off a friend or vent to your dog, whatever you need to do!

But then, take the next step. 

Figure out how to get over, around, or through the challenge, the problem, the issue or the frustration. The longer you let it stall your progress the more power that situation has over you. 

Don't let outside forces steal the joy from your life. Also, don't let inner voices reiterati…

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The Elephant and the Hummingbird | Do What You Can, and Build as You Go

Story time! In today's episode we share the tale of the Elephant and the Hummingbird. How does it relate to weight loss? How does it relate to the things you can't do and how that shouldn't keep you from doing the things you CAN...? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Listen in and find out! 

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Internal vs External Motivation (+She's Not Thinking About You & Watch Out for the 4-Wheeler!🤣)

Today we talk about another misconception I often notice clients have when it comes to getting started on their weight loss journey. This includes getting TOO excited about losing! (Yes, that is coming from ME, the one who is always cheering you on and telling you to get MORE excited!😉) 

We also chat about the difference between internal and external motivation and how you can nurture each...

NOTE: Listen closely for when the 4-wheeler nearly runs me down! 🤣

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Routine, Consistency & Travel | How these things affect the scale

As a Weight Loss Coach, I recognize that 10% of my job is to show people how to lose weight...and that 90% of my job is to then encourage them to just continue those things LONG enough and CONSISTENTLY enough and be PATIENT and MOTIVATED until that weight loss shows on the scale. 

That said - I know that one of the biggest things that gets clients off track is when they finally DO the things that lead to weight loss, but then don't see it reflecting on the scale (yet!). 


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