Motivation doesn't last...
- but, neither does bathing - 
that's why we recommend it daily!

- Zig Ziglar

We're here to help you stay motivated to shine -one day at a time! 

You: Motivated + Organized

Compass Book is a Monthly Motivation Planner* and Mini-Course subscription designed to help you live your best life, and shine one day at a time!

*Planner, Workbook, Journal, and more!* 

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What you Get in Compass Club

So much more than a book

Your Monthly Motivation Planner and Mini-Course acts as your guide, 30 days at a time.

Every month you get...


A new Compass Book is mailed to your door every 30-days. It introduces a new motivation topic and helps you with Relaxation, Inspiration, Motivation, Planning & Tracking.


Fresh new motivation tips and tricks rolled out every 30 days! Staying motivated has never been easier when we serve up all-new motivation ideas and practices for you to try each and every month in your monthly mini-course! 


Challenges, giveaways & inspiration - oh my! Join the fun! You'll love the community in our amazing Facebook Group. Hang out with us daily! 


  • Motivation Depot

    I just love this journal. It's a great way to set and meet goals and keep track of how you are doing. There was also nice looking recipes, coloring pages and various puzzles. Very pleased and I will be a long time subscriber for sure.”

    Columbus Ohio, United States

  • Motivation Depot

    “OMG!!! I LOVE this book. It has EVERYTHING in it. There are articles on wellness, word finds, adult coloring pages, a space for a vision board, goal planning worksheets, and undated daily planner pages with a weekly review at the end of each week.
    Great job guys. I wish more people knew about this bc it’s an absolutely amazing product!”

    Virginia Beach Virginia, United States

  • Motivation Depot

    “I have been using my planner every day!!! It has a lot of useful information ... If I was going places, I would definitely be carrying this planner around with me. I can't wait to try the recipes.”

    Madison Alabama, United States

  • Motivation Depot

    “I LOVE THIS!! This is something that I have been trying to formulate for years with odd pieces of paper, a printed out calendar, quotes written out here and there. YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY creating this!! It is big enough I can slip my own folded pieces of paper with my various ideas, notes and to do lists. The ringed book is sturdier than a normal 100 page subject notebook (which I was using). I can't wait to see what the future monthly compass books await. THANK YOU!”

    Columbus Ohio, United States

So much more than a planner

Your Compass Book is a planner, journal, activity book, source of inspiration, motivation, entertainment, and more!

Each month focuses on a new Motivation Theme and is a workbook, guide, journal, and activity book.

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Get Motivated
The Motivation Theme is Explored via:

  • A deeper dive into the theme
  • 30 Thematic Journal Prompts
  • 30 Affirmations
  • 30 New Motivational Quotes
  • Lined Pages in the back for Notes or Journaling
  • Inspiring Travel Themed Imagery

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CB November Real Photos 32 copy

Get Organized
Plan with confidence:

  • 2 Month Views
  • 5 Week Views
  • Weekly Meal Planning
  • Weekly Grocery Shopping List
  • Weekly Review + Plan Spread
  • Budget Tracker
  • Daily Habit Log
  • Monthly Habit Tracker
  • Currently Doing + Feeling Prompts
  • Ideal Morning + Evening Routines
  • Vision Board
  • Goal Planning Pages

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CB November Real Photos 19 copy

Your Daily Dashboard
Each of the 30+ Daily Spreads Include:

  • Spaces for Date + Day
  • Mood Tracker
  • Weather Tracker
  • Movement Tracker
  • Weight Tracker
  • Meal Tracker
  • Steps Tracker
  • Water Tracker
  • 30min. Schedule from 5:00am - 10:30pm
  • Habit Tracker Space
  • Motivation Space
  • Large list available for Things To Do & Notes
  • Beautifully Themed Full-Color Photo Margins

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CB November Real Photos 26 copy

Rest and Relax
Recharge your batteries with:

  • Themed Word Search
  • 30 Day Challenge
  • Themed Crossword Puzzle
  • Self-Care Bingo
  • 4 Delicious Recipes 
  • Beautiful Coloring Pages
  • ...and more!

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CB November Real Photos 8 copy

Designed with You in Mind
Functional as heck and pretty to boot:

  • Travel friendly 6"x9" Size
  • Coil Bound for Folding and Laying Flat
  • Soft, pet-able matte soft touch cover
  • Full, rich, vibrant color throughout to delight
  • Crisp 60# White Paper

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CB November Real Photos 6 copy

So much more than a mini-course!


Login to your Digital Depot and indulge in the carefully curated content available to members only! Enjoy a deeper dive into the monthly theme, and stay motivated with:

  • Podcasts
  • Phone + Desktop Wallpapers
  • Articles
  • Activities
  • ...and more!

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What is motivation worth to you....?

Even though...

  • Courses similar to the monthly course sell for $597+.

  • Books like Compass Book regularly cost $49+.

  • Support, printables and other resources provided monthly typically cost $250+.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible get pumped up to shine as possible!

Therefore, at this time, your monthly Compass Book + Mini-Course is only:


Cancel anytime. 

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