The Monthly Self Improvement
Course + Planner
Delivered to your Door



You'd love to regularly work on your personal growth.

But it's just one more thing on your to do list, it's one more app to download, it's one more book to find time to read...

Even when you do find time, how do you remember to implement those changes...?


What if a new personal growth strategy was built right into your monthly planner?


Your Monthly Self-Improvement PLANNER + COURSE acts as your guide - 30 days at a time.

Every month you get...


A new Compass Book is mailed to your door every 30-days. It introduces a new self-improvement topic and helps you with Relaxation, Inspiration, Motivation, Planning & Tracking.


If you aren't already subscribed, you'll be added to daily motivation mail! Here, you'll find tips on staying pumped up and motivated to shine - one day at a time! 


Happiness psychology simplified and put to work for you. A new Happiness practice is covered every 30 days. We scour the world's best self-help books, expert tips and research on each topic - and then - boil it all down to simple actionable steps for you to follow!

Each month the world's best tips are simplified into 'what to do' - all in a fun,  entertaining & travel-inspired way!


Challenges, giveaways & inspiration - oh my! Join the fun! You'll love the community in our amazing Facebook Group. Hang out with us daily! Chat, engage, and get to know other amazing people who are also on the journey to improve their happiness a bit more, 30 days at a time.

Let's all smile more, laugh more, enjoy more - together!


  • Motivation Depot

    I just love this journal. It's a great way to set and meet goals and keep track of how you are doing. There was also nice looking recipes, coloring pages and various puzzles. Very pleased and I will be a long time subscriber for sure.”

    Columbus Ohio, United States

  • Motivation Depot

    “OMG!!! I LOVE this book. It has EVERYTHING in it. There are articles on wellness, word finds, adult coloring pages, a space for a vision board, goal planning worksheets, and undated daily planner pages with a weekly review at the end of each week.
    Great job guys. I wish more people knew about this bc it’s an absolutely amazing product!”

    Virginia Beach Virginia, United States

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    “I have been using my planner every day!!! It has a lot of useful information ... If I was going places, I would definitely be carrying this planner around with me. I can't wait to try the recipes.”

    Madison Alabama, United States

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    “I LOVE THIS!! This is something that I have been trying to formulate for years with odd pieces of paper, a printed out calendar, quotes written out here and there. YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY creating this!! It is big enough I can slip my own folded pieces of paper with my various ideas, notes and to do lists. The ringed book is sturdier than a normal 100 page subject notebook (which I was using). I can't wait to see what the future monthly compass books await. THANK YOU!”

    Columbus Ohio, United States

Every month, Compass Book helps you...



It's more than just a planner.

Each month hones in on a new Self-Help Happiness Practice,
and is a workbook, guide, journal, and activity book.

Every month...

The Happiness Practice is Explored via:

  • In-depth article
  • Focused Journal Prompts
  • Motivating Daily Quotes
  • Inspiring Travel Themed Images

Planning Pages Include:

  • Weekly Reviews + Plans
  • Budget Tracker
  • Habit Tracker
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Currently Doing + Feeling Prompts
  • Ideal Morning + Evening Routines
  • Vision Board
  • Goal Planning Workbook Pages
open morning night spread web

Each of the 30+ Daily Spreads Include:

  • Daily Motivational Quote
  • Daily Affirmation
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Journal Prompt of the Day
  • Evening Review Prompts
  • Daily 6am - 10pm Schedule
  • Focus of the Day
  • Things to Do List
  • Food + Calorie Tracker
  • Steps Tracker
  • Water Tracker
  • Weather Tracker
  • Mood Tracker

Unwind/Relax + Fun Items:

  • Themed Word Search
  • Themed Crossword Puzzle
  • Self-Care Bingo
  • Delicious Recipes 
  • Coloring Pages
  • ...and more!


Each month the course dives deeper into a the new Self-Improvement Topic and identifies how it relates to your daily life. 

Mountains of expert advice is boiled down into simple language and tips, and how they apply to every area of your life.

Use these tips in your planner and to help shift your mindset and life - 30 days at a time.

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Journey to a Happier You

Travel the world with us through 12 carefully curated themes + self improvement topics designed to approach happiness from every possible angle. Every month you'll not only have fun discovering an amazing new location, but dive deep into a helpful mindset shift to make lasting, positive change. 


Every 30 days, you'll be able to say

I AM... 


Practicing progress not perfection.


Able to learn from the world around me.


Learning to be accountable & making my own luck.


Feeling importance of laughter and a humorous attitude. 


Growing through what I go through. 


I will never, never, never give up.


Celebrating my wins!


Donning confidence - as it is the most beautiful thing I can wear.


Organization leaves me prepared for success.


Facing my fears leads me to amazing places!


Loving and enjoying all that I have. 


Enjoying the gift of being present in my daily life.

Follow 3 simple steps each month to cultivate a deeper sense of happiness.

Step 1:
Unwind, Explore, & Plan

Your monthly Compass Book comes beautifully themed with a new tour location each month to explore the Self Improvement Topic of the month.

Within its pages you find fun & relaxation as you  unplug from notifications & screens, motivating articles, moving journal prompts, and detailed daily planner pages for building fresh new happiness habits month over month.

Step 2:
Hone, Journal & Focus

Outside of your Compass Book, follow our lead as we take a deeper dive into the monthly Self Improvement Topic with the monthly course.

We'll help you consistently work step-by-step to shift your perspective, improve your mood, and develop happiness habits 30 days at a time.

Step 3:
Chat, Review, Have Fun!

We're here for you! Best yet, while the course is packed with tips, tools and resources that you can review and use at your own pace, you can also follow along with us each month in our amazing Facebook Community.

Learn, share and grow with us together! 

Welcome to Happy in Bold!

We are a sister-owned and operated company bringing you COMPASS BOOKS + COURSES, helping you to navigate to happy - 30 days at a time with helpful courses, invigorating workbooks, inspiring products, and more!

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